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January 24, 2014 — 1 Comment

ImageVitamin MakeOver:


DS is a 51 yr old male who took several pills because he heard they were good for him. He has no medical knowledge. This is what he put himself on: high dose vitamin C, vitamin b complex, calcium, multivitamin, arthritis herbal cocktail, magnesium, vitamin D, co-enzyme Q10, l-carnitine, d-ribose, fish oil. His doctor put him on Nexium, an acid blocker, for barrettes disease. 


This is how I changed or reinforced his regimen:


#1, keep taking the Nexium. You may read articles on natural ways and dietary changes to help a person get off their acid reducing medications, but that does not apply to DS. Those changes are only for people with bad diets who drink too much coffee and diet cokes. They are on a downward spiral of bad consequences as a result of their diet. DS, on the other hand, will develop esophageal cancer if he stops taking Nexium. But he has to deal with the consequences and that involves taking sublingual (under the tongue) vitamin b12 supplement and magnesium. He needs a healthy stomach and digestive system to absorb vitamin b 12 from food. He can have his doctor test him for the deficiency and get the shots, called cyanocobalamine. Or he can take the under the tongue formulation. Vitamin b12 deficiency mimics neurological symptoms of normal aging such as memory loss, mood disorders, loss of balance…. etc. If caught early, they can be reversed with supplementation.


Next, keep the magnesium. Nexium causes a deficiency of magnesium and it is essential for good health. See my blog entitled Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements so Powerful we use them in the Hospital.



DS eats 5-8 servings of vegetables a day, therefore we are going to get rid of the vitamin b complex, multivitamin, and arthritis cocktail. Too many weird things happen with these pills and your body takes what it needs from the food. The exception is someone who has malabsorption disease like celiac, chrones, gastritis, gastric bypass surgery, stuff like that.


Another pill we can eliminate is calcium. DS’s mother live to 72 and she had the thickest strongest bones that the doctor has ever seen for a woman of that age. Men don’t even start to lose bone mass until the age of 70. In addition several experts don’t recommend taking calcium supplements because they have been linked to increase risk of prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease. Calcium, after all, is part of the plaque that occludes arteries. DS’s dad had a very aggressive for of prostate cancer and he is at risk. He also has low good cholesterol, and family members who died prematurely of heart disease. DS should eat foods high in calcium instead.


We will keep him on fish oil for the cardiovascular benifits, but the fish oil has to be a good quality brand since the less expensive brands have a lot of junk oil in them. Fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties, references will be provide in the book, and that will benefit his early stage of osteoarthritis.


Next, we are going to put a cap on this vitamin c intake. He’s taking too much because he believes he needs it since he had his spleen remove after a fall. Instead I’ll lower his vitamin c dose and add one of the 3 probiotics that were proven in studies to reduce infections and strengthen the immune system. The key here is the pills have to be the same exact ones used in the study, otherwise they don’t work the same.


Next, get rid of the coq10 and l-carnitine. DS was taking them to enhance his athletic performance and give him energy. I believe L-lysine is better at doing that because it also releases growth hormone which has other benefits as well.


Keep the d-ribose for energy. If it keeps DS moving and working-out then its a keeper.


Keep the vitamin D and have DS periodically check his vitamin D levels. Read my blog on the One Vitamin that can Save Your Life. Vitamin d is actually a prohormone that serves as a back-up for the various other ones.


And that’s it. Before DS took 12 pills: Nexium, vitamin c, vitamin b complex, calcium, mvi, arthritis herbal cocktail, magnesium, vitamin D, coenzyme Q10, l-carnitine, dribose, fish oil. After his make-over we reduced that number to 9 pills with a specific purposes and proven evidence for each one: Nexium, vitamin b12 under the tongue, magnesium, fish oil, probiotics, lysine, vitamin d, dribose, vitamin C with a dose limit.


Now, DS should tell his doctor about the changes I’ve recommended AND WHY I’ve made them. If she disagrees with any of the recommendations, DS must defer to his doctors recommendation instead of mine. There could be something that his doctor knows that I don’t. Maybe DS has bad kidneys and the magnesium could accumulate to toxic amounts. There are various reasons she might take him off some of his vitamins. Doctors always have the most information on your health. And they should get the final say.


We’ll check back with DS and see how he feels in a few months.




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