Why doesn’t the world know about this NONprescription drug?

March 28, 2014 — Leave a comment

If you shave your bikini area and beyond this will keep your skin amazingly clear. Never worry about little red bumps ever again!

Forever Young & Healthy

pills3There is a NON-prescription drug so amazing it can keep you out of the ER (It’s NOT benadry). Why doesn’t the world know about it?

This drug is called chlorhexadine and it is an antibacterial soap. It costs about 5 dollars for a 4 ounce bottle that can last for years if used it sparingly. It’s available as generic and name brand and can be purchased at any drug store.

And what would you use it for? Superficial open skin infections. It’s like miracle grow for the skin. If you have a skin infection that is just festering and slowly getting worse everyday, this drug can turn things around and get it healed in record time. The disclaimer is that if the skin infection continues to get worse even with the use of this soap or the skin infection is getting worse fast, get to the ER asap. It could…

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