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Forever Young & Healthy

imagesCAPECJAMSome people call me an enlightened being, but I’m not. I just simply kept a journal for a large part of my life. I wrote down my thoughts and feeling relative to what was happening around me. I was extremely honest with my feelings and always said exactly how I felt to my journal. I didn’t have to sugar coat them like I sometimes do around people to protect them from my negatives thoughts.

That lead me to realize that there is nothing more important in life than relationships; my relationship with my mother, father, sister, husband, children, nieces and nephews, coworkers and strangers in need of help and encouragement.

I have discovered that it is healthy relationships that make me feel warm and fuzzy and good about myself and what I am doing.

Health is the second most important thing in life….in my opinion. Good health is necessary for…

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Forever Young & Healthy

imagesCA2MS6SSYes, it was heartbreaking to find this out about Cheetos.  For awhile I thought all orange foods had beta-carotene in them.  Apparently not.  I have come along way since then.  My transformation from a junk food junkie to mega healthy and fit goddess didn’t occur over night. It actually occurred over 9 months when I got knocked-up (Forgive me for trying to keep this normally preachy and boring subject, light and funny.)

When I found out the news of my condition I was told no caffeine, no lattes, no artificial sweeteners, no diet cokes, and no wine.  Geez, how am I going to live and escape reality with that list? Well, the though of having a baby with birth defects ruined my appetite and amazingly I was able to abstain from all my previous bad habits.  Then in addition to that I got gestational diabetes….at a time when I had just…

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Forever Young & Healthy


One third of all deaths are caused from blood vessels “giving out”. Either they clog up or they break open. When this happens it’s called a stroke, heart attack, aneurism, or sudden death. Strokes are particularly scary because they leave people debilitated and partially paralyzed.

Most often these events happen without warning. They are silent killers because we can can’t see them developing. If we could see inside the vessels that carry life sustain nutrients to our brain and other vital organs becoming red, inflamed, hardening, scaring, tearing, thinning, scabbing over with plaque, and breaking would be compelled to take sudden and aggressive action? If there was a drug to prevent this, would you take it?

If there was a drug to prevent this, would you take it? Well there is a drug that when given to 48 patients with heart disease for 3 to 5 years it will consistently…

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