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If any pill has the potential to improve the appearance of your skin it’s going to be vitamin C….in my opinion. It is essential for collagen syntheses. Collegen is connective tissue and the substance that makes skin look plump and full. In the presence of vitamin C deficiencies people develop wounds that do no heal properly. Healing is rapidly achieved when the deficiency is corrected.


In addition to having the potential to increase the thickness of the skin, vitamin C also has the potential to unify the skin color. Some experts categorize it as a skin bleach….wikipedia.


Vitamin C is the substance that keeps fruits and vegetables from tarnishing and becoming discolored when cut open and exposed to air. It’s a complicated process called biochemistry, but basically vitamin C donates an electron to atoms and molecules in desperate need of one. And for that reason, vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron from the stomach into the blood stream. Very important for people with iron deficiency anemia and blood loss.


Vitamin E is another pill with the potent to improve the skin. Similar to vitamin C, it prevents the discoloration and deterioration of meat. It is applied to meat sold in the grocery stores and keeps the produce pink and fresh looking. Without it the meat would turn a bluish gray.


Vitamin E is also added to fish oil capsules to prevent the oil from becoming rancid.


So it may came as no surprise that many topical skin products contain vitamin C and E. And there are studies proving their goodness, especially vitamin C.


But what would happen if you took these vitamins in a pill form?


Well, there are two studies that tested both these pills together short term and the results were astounding to me. Taking a combination of both vitamin C and vitamin E supplements ORALLY 2 grams of vitamin C along with 1000 IU oral vitamin E before sun exposure, reduced skin inflammation after sun exposure.4715,4716


Could these pills prevent photo aging? Possibly, since the main source of skin damage is from the sun, it makes sense, but I wouldn’t use these pills in place of sunscreen.


However, there are some commercially available products on the market that claim to be sunscreen in a pill. Basically they are combinations of vitamins C, E and A. If you don’t know it yet, vitamin A is dangerous and should only be prescribed by an eye doctor or skin doctor because it caused cancer in smokers. However, it is good for the skin and eyes. That’s another blog….subscribe and I’ll explain later.


There is also a new an antioxidant pill made from a fern that protects from the sun. It’s called Heliocare and we are still discovering how it works and what side effects it has.


But I would caution people that these pills have consequences. Vitamin C in high doses can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and kidney stones. Vitamin E has been linked to an increase in prostate cancer and hemorrhagic strokes. But lots of people are willing to take their chances in pursuit of beauty, and I totally understand that. If you’re that kind of person you might also want to look into DHEA. DHEA is a pill and has been studied in relation to improving the skin and I will reveal those studies in a future blog along with much more. Stay tuned. Subscribe!



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Great energy, a happy disposition, and a beautiful body shape are the hallmarks of vibrant health. Experts have found that there are multiple causes of disease and aging that rob of life. Most people accumulate diseases and symptoms over time. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can accumulate amazing health instead and it doesn’t cost thing. It’s free to us all. It’s our god-given right. Claim that right by doing the following.

First: Get a good night sleep consistently. Your body heals and regenerates during sleep.  It also releases growth hormone which turns back time to make you look and feel younger.  Individuals with chronic insomnia have an elevated risk of death from all causes, report Laurel Finn, from the University of Wisconsin/Madison (Wisconsin, USA), and colleagues.  Analyzing data from the Wisconsin Sleep Cohort Study, involving 2,242 men and women, who were followed for 19 years, the team found that the adjusted hazard ratio for all-cause mortality was three times higher in people with chronic insomnia than in people without insomnia.

There are several books on the subject and free articles posted on the Internet. Pursue and study sleep hygiene. Do everything in your power to get this one thing right.

Second: Live a low stress lifestyle with a lot of downtime. Go for walks in the park, or in the neighborhood in the morning. Keep the TV off and clean your house in silence while your mind unwinds. Actively relax and meditate. Mental and physical stress causes the release of cortisone which weakens your immune system and lowers sex hormones like testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, dhea, and pregnanone. Maintaining optimal levels of sex hormones is another way of turning back the clock. If you want a long, happy life, you must relax…or at lease keep your stress to a minimum.

Third: Identify and remove allergens from the diet which cause hidden inflammation and sometimes puffy eyes, skin eruptions and even autoimmune diseases like certain type of arthritis. In her book The Gluten Connecton prominent dietitian Shari Lieberman says that autoimmune disease is sometimes caused and cured by the removal of dietary allergens. The most common food allergens are gluten, dairy, soy, and corn. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye that doesn’t completely breakdown in some individuals and is recognized as a foreign substance in the body. These foreign substances confuse and stimulate the immune system.  Dr. Lieberman said in her book that 85% of her clients receive dramatic improvements in health from a gluten free diet.

To remove these allergens from your diet eat only rice, chicken and vegetables for two weeks. Slowly add back the most command allergens one at a time. Keep a food journal during this time and pay close attention to how you feel even several days after eating the possible allergen. Food allergies will sometimes come back slowly on subtly.

Forth: Maintain excellent oral hygiene.  Gum disease is another source of inflammation.  Researchers have found that people with periodontal disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease as those without periodontal disease according to the American Academy of peridontology.

Fifth: Stop abusing your body. Eliminate alcohol and tobacco (or whatever it is you do to escape reality.) Embrace the present moment and live in the “now” fully alive and sober.

This practice can actually save you money. Red wine is healthy only if you limit your consumption to no more than one glass per day three times a week according to many experts.

Tobacco is never good. It causes lung disease and cadmium toxicity.  Lung cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer.  Compared to breast cancer which has an 80% survive rate after 10 years post diagnosis, lung cancer is only about 10% according to the National cancer institute website.  Also, 90% of lung cancer deaths in men and almost 80% of lung cancer deaths in women are due to smoking.

If you don’t get lung cancer from smoking you most certainly will get cadmium overload.  Cadmium is a heavy metal that causes havoc in your body similar to that of arsenic and mercury. These toxicities include thyroid dysfunction which can cause weight gain, constipation and dry skin.

Sixth: Have a support group or large social network. Forgive and let go of minor grievances to keep people in your life. Join a church or support group. Become a volunteer or maintain a job. Be connected and integrated with people.

Researchers at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (Tennessee, USA) and the Shanghai Institute of Preventive Medicine (China) analyzed data on 2,230 breast cancer survivors.  They found that the women who were happily married with children did the best.

Seventh: Exercise to feel good. Go for a walk in the park. Get fresh air, sunshine (natural vitamin D), and hear the children play. But DON”T beat yourself up exercising. That’s how people get hurt. They tear muscle, ligaments, and tendons. Sometimes they even wear their bodies down and become weak and susceptible to infections. Strenuous workouts are not fun, and not healthy for frail people.

Eight: Create a health miracle. Louise Hays is the queen of health miracles. She creates them by teaching people how to truly love and accept themselves. She teaches them to let go of negative thinking and emotions. She teaches people how to anticipate and create goodness in their lives. She wrote a worldwide best seller called “You can heal your life” and millions of people have benefited from this book and others like it. We see health miracles all the time in the hospital, and this is one way to create them.

Now if you are willing to spend money on your health I’d recommend eating lots of fruits and vegetables. People who have naturally high vitamin levels in their blood, live the longest. Life expectancy calculators always ask how many servings of fruits and veggies you consume a day. Getting your vitamins from pills does not always translate into good health. See my blog WHEN GOOD PILLS DO BAD THING.

Good energy and a happy disposition are the hallmarks of great health. I pray that all my readers will experience this.

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