Vitamin MakeOver

August 25, 2014 — Leave a comment

This is what I’m going to do for the people who call my blog talk radio show.

Forever Young & Healthy

ImageVitamin MakeOver:


DS is a 51 yr old male who took several pills because he heard they were good for him. He has no medical knowledge. This is what he put himself on: high dose vitamin C, vitamin b complex, calcium, multivitamin, arthritis herbal cocktail, magnesium, vitamin D, co-enzyme Q10, l-carnitine, d-ribose, fish oil. His doctor put him on Nexium, an acid blocker, for barrettes disease. 


This is how I changed or reinforced his regimen:


#1, keep taking the Nexium. You may read articles on natural ways and dietary changes to help a person get off their acid reducing medications, but that does not apply to DS. Those changes are only for people with bad diets who drink too much coffee and diet cokes. They are on a downward spiral of bad consequences as a result of their diet. DS, on the other hand, will develop esophageal…

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