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I specialize in pills, medicines, drugs, vitamins, dietary supplements…etc. But in this article I tell you where to start on th road to good heath and vibrant energy.

Forever Young & Healthy


Great energy, a happy disposition, and a beautiful body shape are the hallmarks of vibrant health. Experts have found that there are multiple causes of disease and aging that rob of life. Most people accumulate diseases and symptoms over time. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can accumulate amazing health instead and it doesn’t cost thing. It’s free to us all. It’s our god-given right. Claim that right by doing the following.

First: Get a good night sleep consistently. Your body heals and regenerates during sleep.  It also releases growth hormone which turns back time to make you look and feel younger.  Individuals with chronic insomnia have an elevated risk of death from all causes, report Laurel Finn, from the University of Wisconsin/Madison (Wisconsin, USA), and colleagues.  Analyzing data from the Wisconsin Sleep Cohort Study, involving 2,242 men and women, who were followed for 19 years, the team found…

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