Archives For February 2017

When I think of young people I think of people who are excited about the future, and are often times experiencing events for the first time with wonder and excitement. They are also playful and happy.


Now that I’m older, I feel I have “been there don’t that.” I have went to college, I have had children, I have experienced love and romance. But if I want to stay in a youthful state of mind, I realize I need to find new experiences. I have to find reasons to look forward to the future and the passage of time.


I’m setting new goals. I look forward to get really good at windsurfing, roller blading and playing the piano.  I look forward to building muscles and getting more physically gorgeous. Yeah, I may have wrinkles and gray hair, but I plan on being thin, muscular and looking great in my clothes.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is no shame in getting older, only shame in getting unfashionable, boring, and bitter. Focus on staying fashionable, playful and kind.


Yes, Kind. Being bitter, resentful and jaded will rob you of happiness. Let it go. Realize that everyone has battle scars from life. No one escapes life without hardship. But those who release it and move on are the happiest and healthiest.


I challenge all of you reading this to find new experiences. I challenge you to process and release your negative emotions. I challenge you to play and have fun. Yes, I know sometimes apathy can set in. You don’t know what to do, so you do nothing. Resist that urge. Realize that once you jump into a playful spirit and live in the moment, you will find more fun activities. The more fun you have, the more fun you are willing to have in the future. It’s sort of a catalyst just to get started. But you must get started.


I also challenge everyone to experience new things. Go to knew places, eat new foods, try new sports, set new goals. I challenge you to look forward to the future and the passage of time. I challenge you to get healthier and stronger.


I challenge you to live while you are alive. I challenge you to sing karaoke and dance to the wii. I challenge you to wake up and live.