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A secret for success  

A message to my current self on achieving success

There are many secrets for success. I would like to offer up one that I discovered and it replays often in my head. Many times I wake up in the morning and I want to go back to sleep. I want to call in sick to work. I want to cancel the event I’m supposed to attend, or I want to skip the gathering taking place. Then I tell myself— 

Life is like a bicycle. You have to keep riding it or you will fall down. And by riding it, I mean you have to keep peddling and moving to stay upright, just like in life you have to keep waking up in the morning and doing the activities of daily living. Once you stop doing that, everything in life declines. Your house becomes a mess, your relationships disintegrate, your health is no longer at it’s best, and you eventually run out of money. 

But it doesn’t have to be that extreme. Sometimes NOT peddling your bike is more like NOT being involved in your life. NOT attending family functions, NOT going to work, or going to work and NOT attending meetings, not interacting with coworkers. 

Happiness and success in life happens easily and naturally when we are involved. If you show up, connect with people, do what is right and good, honor your commitments then you are rewarded. You are rewarded with personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. You are rewarded with a paycheck, with meaningful friendships, with improved health and with a better more optimistic outlook on life. 

If you keep peddling and riding your bike toward your goals and vision for a good life… then success and happiness is a natural byproduct. 

Setting goals is such a rewarding part of life. Being aimless is like a ship on the ocean going nowhere; just sailing on the water. Decide where you want to go and point your sails in that direction. The alternative is aimless wondering.

Besides it feels good to be growing and evolving over time. It feels good to be accumulating experiences, knowledge, success. If feels good to be adding new people to my life and new accomplishments to my resume. It feels good to get strong and healthier as time passes. 

I set goals in 6 areas of my life because I want the whole package. I want all the goodness that life has to offer. These are the areas in which I set my goals: health, finances, career, spirituality, mental, relationship.

Just like my favorite line in my favorite movie, Meet Joe Black—Anthony Hopkins says at the end of his life, “I have done it all. There is nothing more that I want from life.” And then he dies in peace with no regrets knowing that he lived the best life he could. He experienced all that was available to him here on earth. He was ready to die. I want to plan my life for an ending like that.

Happiness and success in life is not effortless. You do have to put some energy into it, much like riding a bike. But happiness and success don’t have to be a struggle or a difficult obstacle if you go with the flow and stay on the bike trail. And when I say stay on the bike trail, I mean do what is right and what is good. That is easiest, most drama free, stress free route.  

So don’t call in sick, don’t go back to bed. Instead wake up and live and be in the moment. Be involved.



When I think of young people I think of people who are excited about the future, and are often times experiencing events for the first time with wonder and excitement. They are also playful and happy.


Now that I’m older, I feel I have “been there don’t that.” I have went to college, I have had children, I have experienced love and romance. But if I want to stay in a youthful state of mind, I realize I need to find new experiences. I have to find reasons to look forward to the future and the passage of time.


I’m setting new goals. I look forward to get really good at windsurfing, roller blading and playing the piano.  I look forward to building muscles and getting more physically gorgeous. Yeah, I may have wrinkles and gray hair, but I plan on being thin, muscular and looking great in my clothes.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is no shame in getting older, only shame in getting unfashionable, boring, and bitter. Focus on staying fashionable, playful and kind.


Yes, Kind. Being bitter, resentful and jaded will rob you of happiness. Let it go. Realize that everyone has battle scars from life. No one escapes life without hardship. But those who release it and move on are the happiest and healthiest.


I challenge all of you reading this to find new experiences. I challenge you to process and release your negative emotions. I challenge you to play and have fun. Yes, I know sometimes apathy can set in. You don’t know what to do, so you do nothing. Resist that urge. Realize that once you jump into a playful spirit and live in the moment, you will find more fun activities. The more fun you have, the more fun you are willing to have in the future. It’s sort of a catalyst just to get started. But you must get started.


I also challenge everyone to experience new things. Go to knew places, eat new foods, try new sports, set new goals. I challenge you to look forward to the future and the passage of time. I challenge you to get healthier and stronger.


I challenge you to live while you are alive. I challenge you to sing karaoke and dance to the wii. I challenge you to wake up and live.

miracle grow

Have you ever seen a plant flourish under the right circumstances? It’s big, and leafy, and vibrant. It yields abundant fruit or flowers. That’s what our bodies want to do. They want to grow and produce fruit and heal itself when damaged. But we need to nourish it, physically and mentally.

We need to nourish with plenty of water, whole foods packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. We need to nourish it with sparing amounts of lean meats that provide fertilizers in the form of nitrogen, protein and amino acids.

These are the building blocks for healthy body tissues. For healthy nerves, connective tissues, skin tissues, collagen, bones, muscles….etc.

And we need to nourish it with gentle, pleasurable exercise like going for a walk in the park and listening to the children play and laugh. Focus on the goodness, the beauty, the pleasure that life has made available to us. We just need to allow ourselves to accept it and take it in.

We also need to nourish our minds with loving thoughts and appreciations for ourselves and our bodies. I know A LOT about drugs, pills, medicine…and I know they have their limits. That is why I’m writing this article, we need to cooperate with the pills.

Ask yourself are you benifiting in anyway from being sick? If so remove that benefit so that your subconscious mind keeps you healthy instead of sick. I’ve heard people say, I can’t get better cuz then I’ll lose… disability income, the attention I get from my children, I won’t be able to visit my gorgeous doctor. Lol.

The wisest thing I ever heard and medically uneducated personal say was, guilt causes punishment. Those words were briefly spoken by Louise l. Hay. I’m not even sure she realized the impact those words can have on the medical community. But they are powerful in my opinion.

I believe those are powerful words because if she is right then maybe when we have guilt in our subconscious from treating people wrong or from being scolded incorrectly by our parents we can potentially manifest idiopathic diseases and/or hold onto old injuries and diseases that never heal.

What is an idiopathic disease? It’s a disease that the medical professionals cannot figure out and we feel like idiots trying to explain it to our patients. It’s kind of like and anti-miracle. It just happens. We don’t know why, it just does.

We know miracles and antimiracles occur. Both are possible.

I have studied Louise L. Hay’s work and as a university trained Doctor of Pharmacy I have to say her teachings are your best hope for creating a health miracle for yourself.

Let me encourage you to listen to her free videos on youtube.

To summarizer her philosophy she believes you need to love youself. Forgive yourself for being human and making mistakes. Forgive the people who have harmed you, especially your parents. We are all doing the best we can under the circumstances. Everyone has been harmed and damaged by life. We need to love and nurture ourselves and others.

She also believes that what you think about, concentrate on, and focus on…that is what expands in your life. It’s like looking through a telescope. You zone in on what you want or your life and you draw it in and then it expands, multiplies, grows.

So if you want to be healthy, energetic, have great energy and stamina, look great, feel great you have to marinate your mind in stuff like that. Can I highly recommend you subscribe to my blog and twitter account? Lol. That is the goal for my life, that is what I am sharing with my readers.

Start creating your health miracle today, right now, by loving yourself, forgiving yourself, treating yourself good and with respect, using kind, loving words to describe yourself, feeding yourself nourishing foods and beverages, giving yourself gentle pleasurable exercise.

Your body wants to heal itself. Allow it to. Give it the right environment. Think of a beautiful plant that has been trampled on and damaged. Think of it under a skylight in a cool house with just the right amount of water and fertilizer. Think about what it is going to look like in just a few weeks or months. Meditate on that, replicate that in you life. I’m sending you my love. Xoxo.

I specialize in pills, medicines, drugs, vitamins, dietary supplements…etc. But in this article I tell you where to start on th road to good heath and vibrant energy.

Forever Young & Healthy


Great energy, a happy disposition, and a beautiful body shape are the hallmarks of vibrant health. Experts have found that there are multiple causes of disease and aging that rob of life. Most people accumulate diseases and symptoms over time. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can accumulate amazing health instead and it doesn’t cost thing. It’s free to us all. It’s our god-given right. Claim that right by doing the following.

First: Get a good night sleep consistently. Your body heals and regenerates during sleep.  It also releases growth hormone which turns back time to make you look and feel younger.  Individuals with chronic insomnia have an elevated risk of death from all causes, report Laurel Finn, from the University of Wisconsin/Madison (Wisconsin, USA), and colleagues.  Analyzing data from the Wisconsin Sleep Cohort Study, involving 2,242 men and women, who were followed for 19 years, the team found…

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fruis and veggies


Researchers are discovering that when we eat fruits, vegetables, and other natural food, we stimulate the body into running more efficiently on fuel (sugar). The health problem that is tackled is called insulin resistance, and it’s relation to food is like having a dirty carburetor and fuel filter.


Eating natural foods stimulate a receptor in the body called  PPARgamma and stimulating these receptors wakes up the cells and opens the passageways for sugar to enter the cell. When sugar is inside the cell, instead of outside, the cells thrive, divide, and perform their vital functions. Sugar outside the cell is death and destruction.


Cookies, cakes, pasta, rice etc…do not stimulate these receptors. And as we age we naturally have a harder time stimulating these receptors. Insulin resistance is a slow death. It’s the beginning of the end and this is why this research is so epic.


These researchers are working hard to isolate the active components of these natural foods and eventually will market them as drugs. We are getting one step closer to curing aging, and obesity.   Thank you Atanas Atanasov and your team of researchers. Keep up the good work and keep us informed with your progress.  Below is a link to his latest publications.

Vitamin MakeOver

August 25, 2014 — Leave a comment

This is what I’m going to do for the people who call my blog talk radio show.

Forever Young & Healthy

ImageVitamin MakeOver:


DS is a 51 yr old male who took several pills because he heard they were good for him. He has no medical knowledge. This is what he put himself on: high dose vitamin C, vitamin b complex, calcium, multivitamin, arthritis herbal cocktail, magnesium, vitamin D, co-enzyme Q10, l-carnitine, d-ribose, fish oil. His doctor put him on Nexium, an acid blocker, for barrettes disease. 


This is how I changed or reinforced his regimen:


#1, keep taking the Nexium. You may read articles on natural ways and dietary changes to help a person get off their acid reducing medications, but that does not apply to DS. Those changes are only for people with bad diets who drink too much coffee and diet cokes. They are on a downward spiral of bad consequences as a result of their diet. DS, on the other hand, will develop esophageal…

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looking up 

And if you’re white, these drugs can make you feel like an albino. It’s a drug side effect called photosensitivity. Let me explain.

I’m a brown person and I never wear sunscreen except on my face to avoid wrinkles. I worry more about osteoporosis and vitamin D deficiency instead of skin cancer and sunburns. My skin is strong and amazing, but one strange day after playing in the water all day …my arms, back, shoulders, and legs started to burn. It was an itchy, prickly feeling. Then a few days later my skin started to flake and fall off. At first I didn’t know what was happening to me. I thought the gods were getting revenge because I’d made fun of my honky relatives who burn to a crisp. “What’s happening to me,” I thought. “I’m turning into a white person. This hasn’t happened since I was a kid.”

I would burn as a kid, but as I got older my skin got tougher….that was until I started taking a new drug that caused photosensitivity.

So I just want to warn everyone, if you are put on a drug that is on the list below, you might want to be extra diligent about using the sunscreen. And if you have a child on one of these drugs, be extra careful.

Photosensitivity doesn’t always happen while on these drugs, but it’s a possibility I think you should be aware of. The following list is NOT all-inclusive. There are many other.

Common Pills that can cause photosensitivity: this list is not all-inclusive.


pyridoxine (vitamin B6) and vitamin A

bitter orange, chlorella, dong quai, gossypol, gotu kola, st john’s wart

tacrolimus, minoxidil,

Antihistamines like zyrtec, benadryl, claritin, phenergan,

Antibiotics like cipro, levoquin, avelox, noroxin, floxin, tetracycline, azithromycin, flagyl, bactrim, azulfidine,

Antifungals like terconazole, Vfend

Antivirals, like norvior, fortovase, hivid

antimalaria drugs like plaqueil,

amantadine, zofirax, methotreate, plavix, clopidogrel

water pills aka diuretics: hydrochlorothiazide, lasix, triamterene,

blood pressure drugs: captopril diltiazem enalapril nifedipine,

Cholesterol drugs: statins,

amiodarone, carbamazepine, lamotrigine, topiramate, valproic acid, thaldol,, zyprexa, risperidone, paxil, sertralin, wellbutrin, xanax, chlordiazepoxide, ambien

tricyclic antidepressants

serotonin reuptake inhibitors

All NSAID, iburprofen and naproxen

hormonal drugs, estrogens, birth control pills, testosterone

corticosteriods like prednisone

diabetic agents like glucotrol, diabeta, micronase, glipizide, amaryl